The Academic Essay

Academic EssayAcademic essays are the most common requirement that teachers require to assess the understanding of students in certain topics and also monitor their progress in terms of language acquisition and learning. It also shows how well a student address a given topic using his or her research and writing skills. Writing an academic essay is also a good way for students to express their ideas and voice out their stand on certain topics chosen or assigned. It helps students to develop their analytical skills and reasoning abilities.

An academic essay usually follows a formal structure basically composed of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Some teachers require a maximum number of words that the essay should be composed of, and the students have to follow it strictly. Even through there are many kinds of topics to write about, the academic essay follows the basic structure. Custom essay writing is a choice for many international and military students.

The introduction is composed of information about the topic that you are asked to discuss. It gives the writer and the reader a clear understanding of what the essay is all about. It is in this part of the essay that you are telling readers that the topic you have chosen is something that will spur their interest. The introduction has to be attractive and captivating, something that will encourage your reader to continue reading the topic that you are presenting.

The main body of the essay tells about the totality of the essay. It is composed of several cohesive paragraphs that address the many aspects of the topic that you chose. Each paragraph should facilitate the topic of the succeeding paragraphs. The discussion in the main body is usually supported by academic sources. These sources have to be acknowledged so that the writer of the essay will not be accused of plagiarism. Homework live help is another way you can get your custom essay through the internet.

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Plagiarism is the use of other people’s ideas and using it as your own. It is unacceptable for a writer to copy other writers’ ideas without giving credits to them. When you state a fact or give information to your reader, you have to cite where you got the information so that if your reader wants to know more about certain information, they can also read the sources of the information that you used. If you have cited a reference, the tendency is that, your readers will believe what you are writing about and will believe in you. Although plagiarism is normally not a crime, if you were found out copying someone else’s work, the author of the source of ideas that you copied can file a legal case against you.

Going back to the structure of the essay, the last part would be the conclusion. It is the part where you state your own opinion about the topic, summarize the main points and make a statement or stand about it. The conclusion is the final words that you have to impart to your readers, which is why is important that you should not introduce a new argument or present new evidences so that the structure of the essay would not be chaotic or disorganized. It is also important to remember that the conclusion has to be written in your own words and you should not be copying the ideas of others.