Steps in Writing an Academic Essay

Writing an Academic EssayThe first thing you can do in writing a good quality of academic essay is to find a reliable source. Search as many academic materials you can get hold of like books, magazines, journals or articles in the newspapers, which are related to your topic. It would also be helpful to review literatures on how to cite resources so you will not be accused of plagiarism.

Second, you have to take note of the ideas that you got from your research. You have to be careful in citing the sources of the ideas that you get from the many sources you got. While reading your sources, some ideas may also came out, so you have to take down all of those as often as you can so as not to forget it when you are already start writing.

Third, after taking down all the notes from your sources and your own ideas, you have to unify it into sentences, them paragraphs them combine it to form the essay based on the mentioned structures above. After you have unified your thoughts about the topic, you can not start to think about your thesis statement. Make it narrow and concise. A thesis statement is something that you have to defend along the course of your essay. You have to develop your essay based on your thesis statement. IF you are not good at essay writing – you can order custom essay writing online.

Fourth, make sure that you are using proper terms and language use. Academic essays use formal words that are normally different from the ones we use in our everyday conversation. You have to think about the readers that will read you essay, and make sure that what you will right will not offend or hurt them.

Fifth, make sure that each of you ideas is related and each paragraph is connected with each other. You essay should be coherent and easy to understand. Make the transitions of one idea to another in a very natural way.

Lastly, you have to make sure that you provide an introduction of the topic and the key point of the discussion in the conclusion part. A good quality essay is something that readers would want to read from start to bottom, something that interests them and something that will give them new ideas and information. You can also revise the essay if necessary or rewrite your thesis statement if your discussion does not coincide with it. Do not forget to cite your sources and check your essay for typographical errors.

Writing a custom essay is not an easy task as it involves a lot of research and brainstorming efforts. But given the steps mentioned above, writing an essay is easy by following some simple steps to make it more attractive and informative.